Girton Grammar School Certified Agreement

8.7.3 In technical management positions, the management of educational and research institutions for a department or school. If the university and staff have reached an agreement in accordance with paragraph 37.3 on a change in the work rules that deviates from the change initially desired by the employee, the university must provide the staff with a written response to their question, which sets out the changes agreed in the employment agreements. 12.3 The Disputes Committee shall meet within five working days of the identification of the case and shall attempt to resolve the case within five working days of its first meeting. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties, the matter shall be deemed unresolved if the Dispute Settlement Commission does not meet within five working days and the procedures provided for in points 12.1 to 12.3 are exhausted. Each decision shall take the form of a written agreement which, where appropriate, shall be ratified by either party. 26.3 In making the agreement, the CMT shall take into account that the agreement is a concluded and comprehensive agreement and, subject to national employment standards, shall completely exclude any allocation (existing or future) and any agreement that would apply except for the implementation of this Agreement. 7.1 An employee who has a certified diagnosis of COVID-19 and is not fit for work has access to two weeks of paid leave to cover a period of consecutive illness called COVID 19 leave. This leave may not reduce other leave entitlements. 29.20.2 with the agreement of the parties, by final arbitration of the offers; or 11.7.3 provide administrative leadership support to the most complex schools and faculties of major institutions, including complex course structures, significant human and financial resources, outside activities and a full transfer of administrative, political and financial responsibility to this position.

66.16 Generally, a part-time scientific officer performs as full a range of duties as a full-time scientist on a pro rata basis, unless there is an agreement to the contrary that is reflected year after year in the staff engagement profile. The applicable workload model is applied in proportion to the share of employment and engagement profile of academic staff. manager (including administration, research, profession or science); the primary school or faculty administrator; Researcher. 77.1 Notwithstanding other provisions of this Agreement, the University may, between Monday and Friday and in agreement with the staff concerned, enter into an agreement for extended positions of up to nine hours and thirty minutes (without meal breaks) which would not result in shiftwork. Such a willing employee would not have to work more than 80% of normal workdays (Monday to Friday). No formal offer or approval of such an agreement may be made to a staff member until a period of at least 21 days has been sent to NTEU Monash University and an agreement has been reached between the NTEU Monash University Branch and the University. . . .