Drafting Collective Bargaining Agreement

A collective agreement is entered into in companies or units that have such a company and have legal personality, regardless of their type of ownership, their field of activity or the number of agents. Against the manager who is responsible for the violation or non-compliance with the obligations arising from the collective agreement. Section 17. Control of the application of the collective agreement. The monitoring of the application of a collective agreement is carried out directly by the parties or their duly authorized representatives, as well as by the competent authorities of the Ministry of Labour and Employment and the Russian Federation. The IGC`s labour law allows all items that have not been included in the minutes of disputes to be included and excluded from negotiations. A signed collective agreement must be submitted to the local labour inspectorate within one month of signing for verification and monitoring. In the event that several trade unions or other representations authorized by workers participate simultaneously on behalf of these workers, a representative common body will be created for the conduct of negotiations, the development of a single draft text and the conclusion of a single collective agreement. The collective agreement may also include other clauses, such as taking into account the company`s economic situation, particularly those that offer workers more favourable working and socio-economic conditions than the standards and provisions of the legislation and conventions (additional leave, pension increases, pre-retirement, compensation for transportation and service costs, free or reduced meals in the establishment and for the children of workers in schools and preschools). , as well as other types of benefits and compensation). Section 9.

Guarantees and compensation during the negotiation period. During the negotiation period, committee participants and experts invited to participate in committee work receive samples of their core activities and receive the applicable average salary for up to three months per year, and their participation in negotiations for the purpose of calculating length of service is taken into account.