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Financial Express. By: Anup Jayaram/NEW DELHI, October 3, 2016 14:40/PRNewswire/Following the decision, VNOS will only be subject to royalties on the basis of a “value added” of them – that is, they will not be required to pay a fee for the fees paid to the host-operator operator of the parent company for the wholesale capacity they acquire. Telecomasia.net. By: Dylan Bushell-Embling/October 11, 2016 VNOAI attended the INDIA TELECOM 2016 summit organized by the Department of Telecommunications, the Government of India and FICCI, held in New Delhi on 1 and 2 March 2016. VNOAI was the “sponsor badge” for the event. India`s Department of Telecom (DoT) has published a list of 60 companies applying for a VNO license in different cities. The companies applied for 70 public, municipal or regional licences in 11 of India`s 22 telecommunications circles. Budget and cost analysis: In order to expand Internet services, the government has kept Category C prices extremely low compared to class A and B “Feather in the Hat” for VNOAI, with the first two WNV launch services with BSNL DoT publishing the first two empty WNV guidelines 800-23/2011-(Vol-II) of 31.5.2016. Applicants can download and apply via the following link. These guidelines were published on TRAI`s recommendation on 6.01.2015. Mr.

RK Upadhyay, Managing Director, VNOAI participated in a panel discussion on “Ease of Doing Business: NexGen Reforms – What brought us here? Is he going to lead us there?¬†Under the chairmanship of Mr. Ramesh Abhishek, Secretary of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India and moderated by Mr. Ashok South, Secretary-General, AUSPI. The first of the true Virtual Network Operators (WNVs) is expected to be in effect by January 2017. Mohan Kumar Sundaram, founding president of the Virtual Network Operators Association of India (VNOAI), now sees a huge opportunity. The key features of the license are: (i) the processing of WNVs as an extension of network operators (hereafter the NSO) or telecommunications service operators, and not the ability to install equipment connected to the network of other NSOs; and (ii) to allow the applicant to apply for the licence at the same time as one or more additional services, such as Internet services.