User Agreement Mmt

The user expressly undertakes to provide MMT with only correct and valid information when requesting services under this contract and not to provide inaccurate information. Any delay by a portion of the user would reflect this agreement and deter the user from using MMT services. If MMT finds, during or after receiving a request for service from the User, or has reason to believe that the request for services is not authorized or that the information provided by the User or any of them is incorrect, or that a fact has been misrepresced by the User, MMT has the right, at its sole discretion, to take all measures against the User, including the cancellation of the reservations, etc. In this case, MMT is not liable or responsible for any losses or damages that may occur to the user or any of them due to such cancellation of bookings or services. The user frees mmT from these claims or such responsibilities unequivocally and assumes no responsibility for losses or damages resulting from the actions taken by MMT to preserve its own interest and that of its genuine customers. It also implies that MMT refuses/cancels reservations due to suspicions of fraud. 4.5. If the disruption lasts more than one month, the customer/contractor has the right to determine an additional delay, including notification, that he refuses to accept the sale deal after the expiry of that period. The additional time is at least two weeks. If it is not possible to reach an agreement on a new delivery date, the customer/contractor may terminate the contract by written notification at the end of the additional period.

MMT reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to accept an order from customers without justification. Any service-supply contract by MMT is only concluded when all the money for the service is received by the customer and accepted by MMT, without prejudice to the other remedies made available to MMT under this Agreement, MMT may restrict user activity or terminate the user`s list, notify other users of the user`s actions, temporarily suspend or suspend user registration, or deny access to the User Site, if: the user and the MMT are individually referred to as “part” of the agreement and collectively called “parties.” 2.4. Confirmation letters and all orders must be certified for their effectiveness (see number 1.4). This also applies to additions, amendments and complementary agreements. The determining prices for delivery are prices at the time of the contract. Users who request MMT services are considered to be read, understood and expressly accepted the terms of this Agreement, which govern for all purposes and for the user the transaction or the desired provision of such services by MMT. All user rights and obligations and/or mmT with respect to the services provided by MMT are limited to the scope of this agreement.