Spirit Airlines Jumpseat Agreements

-ALWAYS shows up, especially if the jumpseat chord is used. You know that you jump and that you do not introduce yourself is disrespectful, and some airlines require you to inquire with the captain. 101 Nonrev Culture! To take advantage of this new advantage, you must go to spirit.com on the Team Travel portal (or access it via your new LiNK intranet) and select the revenue booking in the drop-down option. Use the same login used for non-rev travel on Spirit.com, carry-on baggage and the bag left is automatically applied to each selected traveller. Available for all legitimate addicts. To cancel your Jumpseat offer and get refunds for taxes collected, please email Spirit Airlines Travel at nonrevtravel@spirit.com. Please include your full name, personnel ID and data recorder. ? airfare to the following airlines for dependents: If you fly the line, be sure to go to the gate area and make sure there are no jumpseaters trying to catch a ride with us. We never want to leave another pilot. For Buddy Dependent Alternative Passes and self-display on Spirit flights. – Most airlines need casual/semi-casual business clothing. No shorts, no flip flops, no open shoes.

Some airlines require that tatoos be covered. To check each airline`s clothing, click on the identification agreements on myidtravel.com, the specific dress code is displayed. Send us an email every time you have a question or if you want to let us know about a situation that happened to you when you jump. Most of the time, you can respond quickly. If you have a problem reported to another airline, please provide us with the date, station, flight number and name of the gate agent if you receive it. This will allow us to provide other airlines with the information they need to solve the problem Download the ALPA app and go to the section entitled “JSEAT” and bookmarks www.jumpseatinfo.org. They give you all the information you need to list other airlines. Sometimes they ask for a three-digit list code, ours is 487. If you are not familiar with jumpseating, please take a few minutes to read the “Jumpseat Etiquette” section in www.jumpseatinfo.org.