Links to reviews:

"Breathtaking!" – Joel Benjamin, Theater Scene "Experts in their field!" – Gemma Lolos, New York TDF, Audience Experience

"Do not miss this gem of a production!" – Meg C, We Love L.I.C., Arts & Culture

"Sets the stage on fire!" – Paulanne Simmons, NY Theater Pizzazz

"One of a kind! The audience was in tears!" – Anastasia Vinogradova, Independent Review

"They merit a standing ovation!" – Tom Helma, Lansing City Pulse

"Amazing what you'll do to watch someone hit a groove!" – John Freedman, The Moscow Times

Gem Theatre – Detroit, MI

  • Promotional Article
  • Review by Stewart Franke

Dennos Performing Arts Center – Traverse City, MI

    • Letter from Director Eugene A. Jenneman


Glenn Gould Theatre – Toronto, Canada

    • Glenn Gould Poster


Williamston Theatre – Williamston, MI

    • Letter From Williamston Mayor


Boarshead Theater – Lansing, MI

  • Letter from Artistic Director Kristine Thatcher
  • Review by Chris Reitz
  • Boarshead Poster

Stormfield Theatre, Lansing, MI

  • Chris Reitz Review
  • Bridgette M. Redman Review
  • Paul Wozniak Review
  • Tom Helma Review



Chain Theater – Long Island City, NY

  • Gemma Lolos Review
  • Joel Benjamin Review
  • Meg C Review
  • Paulanne Simmons Review