Pm Group Collective Agreement

Standard parental leave after IE is 35 weeks to be taken within 52 weeks. Under the collective agreement, a worker is entitled to a maximum of 37 weeks of supplementary compensation. This would cover a week of waiting and an extra week. The new agreement also provides for the registration of five weeks of paternity leave under the PQ or an additional five weeks of joint parental leave under THE EI. The employer argues that the agent`s proposal does not reflect the current bargaining model in the federal public service. In this regard, and in accordance with the recently concluded/signed CPA agreements, the employer believes that it would be appropriate for the Commission to recommend aligning the meal allowance to $12 ($12.00) in order to comply with other CPA groups. Bargaining Partners: Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council (Esquimalt) (West) (FGDTLC (W)) Collective Agreement Expiry Date: January 30, 2023 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: The parties agreed to create a task force consisting of a steering committee and technical committee to develop a new employee welfare plan. The plan included income replacement parameters, treatment of existing health insurance banks and changes to sick leave in PSAC collective agreements, with wage provisions. Departments and organisations set up voluntary departure programmes for all staff adjustments that reduce staffing levels and involve five or more affected workers who work in the same group and at the same level and in the same work unit and in which the deputy director cannot make an appropriate guaranteed job offer. As shown in Table 4 below, PSAC`s monetary policy proposals are important; they represent a total current cost of approximately $1.8 billion, or 28.2% of the PA group`s salary base in 2018. These include an annual increase of 3.25% over three years and a total salary restructuring of 7.51 per cent corresponds to an overall increase of 28.92 per cent over the PA`s salary base in 2018.

Recruitment and retention metrics clearly show a healthy group with low external separations and very successful recruitment. It also argues that the employer`s offer to replicate the leg-up set established with other federal utility groups makes sense. The provisions of this collective agreement are implemented by the contracting parties within one hundred and fifty (150) days from the date of signing. Positions excluded from the “program and administrative services” group are those whose main objective is defined in the definition of another group. The current collective agreement contains an agreement on the revision of the structure of occupational groups and the reform of classification. This agreement recognizes that classification is an exclusive authority of employers and provides for judicious consultation between the employer and the bargaining partner. The provisions of Part III of this agreement, with the exception of paragraphs 27.01, 27.02 and 30.01 to 30.05, do not apply to workers who are on leave in accordance with this memorandum. Table 8 also clearly shows that the vast majority of external separations beyond the blackout period are due to retirement and that voluntary separations without retirement are very low (0.7% of the PA group).