Palm Beach County Removal Agreement

The registration service records a large number of documents, including, but not only: the clerk`s office comptroller cannot accept certified modified copies of a reintroduce document. We will not record an unauthtified copy of a document with or without changes. If you need to save a document that contains changes from the original, you indicate a new document or change the original document. The forms on this site are provided as examples of the types of forms frequently used for registration in official Palm Beach County records. The forms are designed only as a directive and can be adapted or not to your needs. Some documents can only be registered in the main court building. For more information, please contact the Florida Department of Revenue. For more details, see Florida Statute 28.222 (3). Midwestern Communities Service Center (561) 784-1271 Florida Statutes define the documents that can be registered and the legal requirements for documents (z.B. signatures subject to the certification requirement). Please note that Florida Law (F.S. 28.215) prevents our employees from providing legal advice.

If you are not sure if the form should be used or how to fill it out correctly, it is recommended to seek the help of a lawyer. You can electronically register documents online (eRecording) or bring your original documents to main courthouse, South County Courthouse, North County Courthouse, West County Courthouse, Midwestern Communities Service Center or mail your documents. Please include the registration transfer form when you submit the documents to be registered. For documents submitted for registration, self-damaged envelopes are required. For more information, see the chart for shipping costs. As of June 1, 2008, clients will no longer complete the Dr-219 (Return for Transfers of Interest in Real Property) form when submitting a registration document.