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Boogie Stomp! tells the largely untold tale of boogie woogie and how it has shaped popular music, and includes blues, jazz, swing, stride, rhythm and blues, and. rock and roll. Starring two amazing performers, Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza, Boogie Stomp! is the story of past and present American musical legends from W.C. Handy to Benny Goodman to Chuck Berry to Macklemore, and the vibrant music that emerges from their lives..

Boogie Stomp! is also a critically acclaimed documentary, profiling the adventures and performances of Bob Baldori and Bob Seeley
as well as documenting the origins, subsequent history and ongoing development of American Piano Music in all its forms – boogie, blues, jazz, swing, stride, rhythm and blues and rock.

Boogie Stomp! also captures the efforts of Bob Baldori, Arthur Migliazza, Bob Seeley and other outstanding keyboard artists not only to preserve “America’s forgotten music” but to bring it into the modern age and make it accessible to contemporary audiences.  It is music to party and dance to, and has universal, world wide appeal.  Watch it and listen to it as you surf this site and you will know why!

 What The Critics are Saying

“Explosively memorable. This show is the most satisfying theatre experience everyone should have the opportunity to see. Get your mojo working and fire it up, with Boogie Stomp!” The Knockturnal
“ Boogie Stomp! Transcends being simply a concert and becomes a meaningful and completely engaging exploration of the connection between history, art, pop culture and craftsmanship. “ Theatre Is
“This show gets every audience member dancing in their seat. Boogie Stomp! is two hours of non-stop fun.”
“BOOGIE STOMP! is a journey you will be glad you took – educational, inspirational, and just plain fun.”
“ Do you feel nostalgic? Do you feel like dancing? Or do you need an introduction to the world of boogie woogie? Whatever the case, Boogie Stomp! is the show to catch. Both performers are excellent musicians, and it is particularly interesting that they represent two different generations — connecting the past to the present and give it a future.”


News and Updates

Rock in the New Year!

Get ready to rock in the New Year at The Steinway Gallery December 28th, and the Robin Theatre in Lansing on the 29th, 30th, and two shows on New Year’s Eve!  Ring in the New Year on a high note! Early Show – 7:00pm Includes champagne toast Late Show – 9:30pm Ring...

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The Boogie Kings, Baldori & Migliazza, have scheduled a performance at The Steinway Gallery Recital Hall, Detroit on Wednesday December 28th, 2016.  More details can be found by following the “tickets” button.


After a summer full of incredible gigs, (see Scrapbook and Reviews) Baldori & Migliazza are looking forward to an exciting fall that will take them from New York to Arizona. Our theatrical performance is also evolving. We toured Russia for the 5th time in March – where we sold out...

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