Cheque Service Agreement

Items or items are cash, payment vouchers, cheques, promissier notes, changeable notes, promissor notes or other exchange orders or orders to pay, including orders that may be transmitted by telephone, fax, PC or other electronic means, including those from vending machines and electronic terminals. The current service contract covers the period from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2022. All changes made to the service contract during this period are recorded in an act of amendment. The cards are issued at your request and remain the property of Libro. You will return all cards to us at our request for any reason, including failure to comply with this service agreement or closing your account with Libro. We may limit the use of the Card at any time without notice or terminate this Service Agreement. You only use the card to benefit from the services authorized by Libro. By announcing in writing thirty (30) days, we may complete or no longer use the permitted uses. The issuance of the card by Libro does not guarantee that any particular service will be or will be available at a later date. Credit cards are subject to a separate service agreement with the issuing entity, which may contain different provisions and which replace it. Remote or remote, we mean access to Libro products and services outside a physical branch, by any means, for example.B.

by telephone, computer or other communication network. The promo card for the reception service applies to childcare (Maison Relais, kindergartens, parental assistants) for children who have not left primary school. Personal Pad means a pre-authorized charge that is taken from your account for payments such as general interest donations, ownerless investment contributions, mortgage rates, electricity bills, insurance premiums, member contributions, property taxes, and credit card bills. Lines of credit, credits and payments for other goods or services If you have not set up a Libro line of credit on your behalf, you agree that no withdrawals, funds transfers, prior to authorized electronic transactions, checks written to the account or other transactions that cause your balance (your accounts) to be less than zero dollars…