Article 14(3) Of The Trips Agreement

Members may set conditions for the granting of licenses and assignments of trademarks, the compulsory license of trademarks not being authorized and the owner of a registered trademark having the right to assign the trademark with or without assignment of the trademark to which the trademark belongs. 6. Each Member may provide for conditions, restrictions, exceptions and reservations with respect to the rights conferred under paragraphs 1, 2 and 3, to the extent permitted by the Rome Convention. However, Article 18 of the Berne Convention (1971) applies mutatis mutandis to the rights of performers and producers of phonograms. 2. Manufacturers of phonograms shall have the right to authorise or prohibit the direct or indirect reproduction of their phonograms. If use is necessary to maintain the registration, the registration may be withdrawn only after an uninterrupted period of at least three years of non-use, unless the proprietor of the trade mark has demonstrated valid grounds based on the existence of obstacles to such use. . . .