Agreement On Or Over

After much discussion, there has still been no agreement on what to do next. Talabani said he had high hopes that the parties would agree on a post-Saddam structure. ACCURACY — Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been unable to agree to offer the 39 million people on Medicare the benefits of the drug. After long and long negotiations, PRS for music and YouTube have finally agreed on the rates. Note: Under common law, the agreement is a necessary part of a valid contract. Under the Single Code of Trade, paragraph 1-201 (3), the agreement is the good deal of the contracting parties, as they are explicitly presented by their language or implicitly by other circumstances (as transactions). We finally agreed: I cook and clean Ann. But now the locals are beginning to agree on what needs to be built in the Seward Park urban renewal area, as the land is collectively called. Britannica.com: Encyclopedia article on the agreement Our agreement was that you would pay until the first of the month. There is broad consensus that forest damage is due to air pollution. The 26 countries have signed an agreement to reduce air pollution. Management indicated that an agreement had been reached with the unions. I couldn`t even agree on the music Marcie was going to play on her record player, and when the project failed, I was relieved.

The commission finally reached agreement on two important issues. These examples are automatically selected from different online sources of information to reflect the current use of the word “agreement.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not reflect the views of Merriam-Webster or its publishers. Send us comments. To avoid any doubt, this means that when a worker receives more than the fees prescribed by his level (the over-convention payment), all annual increases provided under this agreement (at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer) may be included in the payment of the over-convention. The Atonement of the Central Englishman, borrowed from the Anglo-French agreement, approval, to accept the agreement, -ment Discoverlia COVID-19Ludwig Initiative Against COVID-19 The bank agreed after concluding an agreement on the club`s debt – which was $27.1 million in June and is expected to be reduced to about $21 million if the Intermediate Results of the Rangers are announced today. And that`s where there was a fight until the two sides agreed this weekend. In order to compensate employees for the loss of occasional conversion rights, an additional 1% of occasional charges is paid for the usual periods of no return when employees reach 6 months of continuous service with the company, provided that this amount can be absorbed by a non-exchange payment. In addition, the facts can be (exact) consistent. Agree with ways to have the same opinion as another person or to approve something.